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"Monster Bash" - finished cell from scene 13



Mena is presently working in her third short animated film with the working title “Changes”.  This short animation addresses the fear of change and the individual growth that comes with it.


Mena Nunes’ film work includes: 

“Dare to dream -2012” (click on image) short animated film screened in several venues in Toronto. Received the following reviews from Animazing Spotlight:

 Poetic and evocative. The association of ideas and the desire/dare to dream is visually portrayed through the gestures of the girl. Good choice of the technique in order to convey the message of the short. - Cinzia Bottini

A wonderful film where one can see the love of the art combining with the experimentations of animation and visual storytelling to bring the concept to life. I enjoyed the film very much and encourage the filmmaker to please make more. - Jim Keeshen

High spirited story - music and animation well co-ordinated. - Kaj Pindal


“Shadows in the Wall - 2009”, (click on image) individual short animated film was nominated for “Best First Animated Short” at the Animazing Spotlight 2009 Festival in LA.

          In this short film Mena used a painterly style to tell the story of a cup through its birthing process, its fear of change, and its final transition to a different stage of life.

“Monster Batch - 2008” (click on image) a collaborative short animated film as an undergrad at Sheridan.

Naked FramesTOINDIE-OS2012_8073.gifToronto Indie

"Dare to Dream" - finished cell from scene 01

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